Branding Seminar

Your association Board has many difficult decisions to make and they may have little or no understanding of what Branding is and how it can help. Consider the benefits from a seminar on "BRANDING YOUR ORGANIZATION."

It may be held in conjunction with a regularly scheduled Board meeting and/or with Committee Chairs. We'll examine your group's background and current situation and have a personalized (4-6 hour) seminar.

Here are some of the topics discussed:

  • What is Branding?
  • In today's economy where members are cutting back their membership to several groups, your organization needs to have the right perception among current members, potential members and others in your field. What is your group's perception?
  • How is your organization positioned in the marketplace?
  • Do you have a Positioning Statement?
  • Other organizations may be stepping into your territory. How can Branding help?
  • Do all of your members have enough knowledge (depth and breadth) of your organization to make the right decision on renewing their membership?
  • How does Branding affect your Marketing Plan?
  • An assessment of how your national office is communicating to members:
    ------ Is your web site sending the right message on the home page and is it providing enough new information to keep members coming back to the site?
    ------ Are your publications providing enough unique information for your members needs?

We can help.

To discuss your current situation and how we can help:
Call Peter Anas at 240-778-6114 ext. 1, or via email.