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Communications Audit

Does your organization's communications reach your marketing objectives? Do the individual pieces send the right message to the right target market? Are they consistent across all media?

We can help. With a Communications Audit from Anas Creative, we'll evaluate the current situation and identify a direction for the future.

A. Organization Background
We'll take a "behind -the-scenes" look at your current communications by:

  • Understanding your most recent Strategic Plan, including:
    • Strengths, weaknesses and peculiarities of your organization
    • Past and current situation in your organization and others within the industry
    • Current and potential target market audiences
    • Marketing Objectives
    • Marketing Strategies
  • Reviewing your past Member Surveys to determine constituent opinions.

If some of the above materials do not exist, we may recommend one-on-one interviews, group meetings, focus groups and/or surveys.

B. Creative Assessment
After compiling an understanding of your organization, we assess the strengths, weaknesses and/or inconsistencies of your current branding elements, such as:

  • Logo
  • Web Site
  • General, Departmental & Product Brochures
  • Membership marketing materials
  • Meeting brochures and other marketing elements
  • Publications (print and electronic)
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Other materials and campaigns

C. New Creative Objectives & Strategies
The plan that grows out of this analysis serves as a guide for the work ahead. We will identify new Creative Objectives for each media area (in B above), creating benchmarks for success. These are followed by recommendations of new Creative Strategies for all media areas, and any new areas of opportunity. Your current communications may require updating, modernizing, or a complete overhaul.

D. Implementation
After our presentation, and your input, we will develop budgets for the new designs of each approved creative item. Once budgets are approved, our marketing team will coordinate the production schedule and the design team will proceed with implementation and development of the new Creative Strategies.

To discuss your current situation and how we can help:
Call Peter Anas at 240-778-6114 ext. 20, or via email.